Breast cancer – Symptoms and causes

Breast Cancer:-Let us talk about the creation of God or human relations or the development of scientific order, the most important and fundamental unit for the origin of life is the mother-cell mother. Every cell or organism starts its existence from the mother of nature. For survival in life, first of all, he needs nutrition for development. Talking about the living place, God naturally gave a special part to the female i.e. mother. Along with the apps which fulfill, apart from being an excellent part of physical attraction. It also plays an emotional role between mother and child.


BreastYes, breast On which almost every mammal organism’s existence since birth is added. Today we will talk about a serious problem of the same breast cancer because today one in every 22 women in India suffers from this problem.

Breast cancer is a rapidly growing and serious problem, with breast cancer making Indian women prey at a young age compared to western countries. The average age of breast cancer in Indian women is around 47 years, which is 10 years less than in western countries. However, with the right information, a little caution, and timely identification and treatment of its symptoms, this problem can be defeated.

In this subject, I will do three posts, in which the first symptom is due to # symptoms in the second and # rescue and # treatment and expenses in the last post, in this post, we know about this –

Our Rather Cases are also made of Ang cells. As the body needs, these cells keep dividing and increasing, but sometimes it happens that the body does not need these cells to grow, yet they continue to grow. The result of this continuous increase without need is that a lump or tumor is formed in that particular organ. It takes years, sometimes decades, to form a tumor from a cell that creates a pile of sick cells similar to its own, dividing at an unusual rate. When at least one billion such cells accumulate, that tumor becomes recognizable.

Tumors Can Be of Two Types Benign and Malignant:

A malignant tumor is considered carcinogenic. Benign tumors are not life-threatening and do not spread to other parts of the body. The organs in which they live remain there and from there they are removed through surgery.

Malignant tumors, on the other hand, are blunt. The organs in which they are, also start attacking the organs around them and take them under their control. Their strength is so high that they separate from the tumor and enter the blood, as a result of which cancer starts spreading to other organs of the body as well. If we talk about cancer, then it can be divided mainly into 3 parts


Carcinoma is a malignant tumor that affects the internal organs and epithelial cells of human skin. In any tissue structure where they are involved, this tumor can develop. The location of its presence is mainly determined by the nature of the cells from which it occurs.

In human organs, various types of carcinomas may develop. For example, it can be a squamous cell tumor or adenocarcinoma, which usually occurs in the cervix, often in women. The mammary gland, prostate, and lung in men, as well as the colon and skin, can be found regardless of gender. . Carcinoma is a malignant tumor that is slow and limited growth. It appears on the skin as a distinct pulse, which has a smooth surface of red or pink. The disease is characterized by the presence of a translucent pearl band.

A tumor of this type may have a different amount of melanin pigment in its composition, which affects its cyst. The middle part of the node grows as it is covered with crusts and ulcerates. Basal cell carcinoma may have the form of satellite nodes or ulcerations, the center of which is covered with a layer.


Soft tissue attaches, supports, or surrounds other tissues. Examples of this include muscles, tendons, fat, and blood vessels. Soft tissue sarcoma is a cancer of these soft tissues. There are several types, depending on the type of tissue they originated in. This can result in lumps or swelling in the soft tissue. Sometimes they can spread and suppress nerves and organs, which can cause pain and breathing problems.

No one knows the exact cause of these cancers. These are not common, but if you come in contact with certain chemicals, have radiation therapy, or have certain genetic diseases, you are at greater risk. Physicians diagnose soft tissue sarcoma with biopsy. Treatments include surgery to remove tumors, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination.


lymphoma is cancer in lymphocytes which means that these cells grow without any control. And Lymphoma often starts at the lymph nodes but can also be found in the stomach, intestines, skin, or any other organ. Because lymphocytes are found in every part of the body. Therefore, there are two main types of lymphoma, Haskin disease, and non-Haskin lymphoma.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

TumorsIn yesterday’s post I told you that there will be 3 posts on this subject respectively, in which you have symptoms, prevention, and treatment of cancer, if you have cancer, then we will discuss it, today’s post is about its symptoms. If done in time, the problem can be eliminated easily. Before writing further on this post, let some people know the wrong concept about it because people have still made cancer a hove –

Myth 1 – Cancer Means Death:

This is not the case at all. Cancer treatment is difficult because it is not just a disease. It is a complex group of hundreds of diseases, some diseases are more dangerous, and some less, according to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate of all types of cancer has increased, which was 50 percent in 1975 and 66 percent today. Prevention rates have increased in prostate cancer (69 to 100 percent), breast cancer (75 to 89), the bladder (73 to 82), kidney (49 to 69).

Myth 2 – Get Surgery as Soon as Possible:

Surgery is not required in all types of cancer. The doctor needs to know the stage and grade of cancer for the treatment that is required by the patient. After follow-up chemotherapy and radiation, many follow-up tests have given some patients the best Results and they avoid the risks and complications of surgery

Myth 3 – Cancer Comes Without Warning:

There is no truth in this matter. Most cancer symptoms appear, a claim published in the January 2015 issue of the British Journal of General Practice. It has been ascertained whether people decide to seek medical help when they see symptoms of cancer.

Of the 1,700 patients involved in the research, nearly 52% did not consult a doctor despite having seen at least one warning symptom associated with cancer in the past three months (see graphic). Some refused to accept the symptom, some did not want to waste the doctor’s time, some did not approach the doctor for fear of a poor prognosis of the disease, and some accepted age as the cause of their problem.

Dr. Harti Chaturvedi, vice-president of the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology and Head of the Max Institute of Oncology, says, “Indians are raw in case of suspicion, so the diagnosis and treatment of the disease can start late.” It remains for three consecutive weeks, for example, any lump, wart, sore throat, or mucus formation is important to check. And doctor’s advice? “Doubt can beat cancer. And to protect it, let’s understand the symptoms of (breast cancer)

  • Having a lump around the breast or armpits
  • (Lump in the Breast or Armpit)

Lumps around the breast or armpits can be an early sign of breast cancer. This lump is mostly solid and there is no pain. But in some cases, it may also cause pain. If you have lumps, do not be afraid, because it is not always the cause of cancer. There may be other reasons for a lump in the breast, such as a change in hormones in the body, an infection in the breast, or tissue damage. Therefore, whenever you feel a lump in the breast or armpit, check with a doctor and find out the exact cause of it.

Redness or Swelling in the Breast:

Whenever there is pain or swelling in the breast, most women think that it is due to premenstrual syndrome and whenever they feel the warmth in the breast and it starts to look red they feel that it is due to infection. The reason is and will be cured in a few days. But the swelling, pain, and redness (redness) in the breast can also be an early symptom of cancer.

The tumor inside the breast puts pressure on the tissue, causing swelling, pain, and redness. In some cases, this inflammation may also occur around the armpits or rib. So if you see this symptom, do not forget to contact the doctor.

Nipple Discharge:

Redness or swelling in the breastIf they are discharged without touching or touching the nipple, it can also be a cause of cancer. If any other substance like milk, pus, blood, etc. Comes out from the breast then contact the doctor immediately. When a tumor starts forming in the milk ducts, it produces pressure in them which causes its nipple to discharge.

Pain in the Breast or Chest Area:

If you experience pain, itching, or a sharp knife around the breast or chest, this is not a good sign. Sharp pain in the breast or feeling like a current can also be an early symptom of breast cancer. Since it is not necessary that there is cancer due to pain in the breasts, because of any other health problem, this problem can also occur. Sometimes due to hormonal changes in the body, pain starts in the breasts. So whenever you have pain, get proper treatment after getting it checked by a doctor.

Changing the Form of Breast:

Any change in the shape or size of the breast can also be a matter of concern. You must also take care of the change in size, asymmetry, and surface of your breasts. Due to irregular tissue growth inside the breast, its shape and size change. Since these changes can be detected only by looking. Check the shape, size, and surface of your breasts in front of the mirror every day.

Nipple Sensitive:

Changes in nipple appearance or sensitivity can also be an early symptom of breast cancer. Breast cancer is often present just below the nipple, which can cause changes in appearance and sensitivity of the nipple. Apart from this, the nipple may also be flat, flattened, or jagged.

Itching in the Breast:

Itching in the breasts for no reason may also be an early symptom of breast cancer, but it is a very rare cause. This occurs mostly in cases of inflammatory breast cancer. The skin above may become red, swollen, painful, and itchy due to the tumor.

During this time the itching is much more and you feel like scratching and scratching. But even after a lot of itching and after applying medicine or lotion, itching does not help. If you have excessive breasts in your breasts, which do not cure even after scratching or applying for the medicine, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Pain in the Upper Back, Shoulders, and Neck:

When the tumor spreads to the spinal cord, there is sudden pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Often, people consider this pain to be due to muscle cramps, osteoarthritis of the spine, or fatigue. If this pain is due to cancer, then it will not be cured by stretching the muscles or eating painkillers.

Therefore, if you have pain in your upper back, shoulders, and neck, which does not cure even after adopting a lot of prescriptions, then get your doctor checked for breast cancer immediately.

Rapid view:

  • Any abnormal change in breast or nipple size
  • Any lump (even if it is equal to moong dal) that often does not have pain, in breast cancer, there is usually no lump pain in the beginning.
  • Anywhere in the skin swelling, redness, stretch or pits, small holes, or rash-like orange peel
  • Clear blood vessels on a breast
  • Pulling the inner nipple or any liquid other than milk out of it
  • Constant pain anywhere in the breast


Due to lack of awareness, the disease is identified in the third or final stage in most of the patients in the country, from the beginning of treatment in the initial stage of breast cancer, the patient can be made cancer-free by treatment without removing the breast now.

Every woman from the age of 20 years should have a breast check every day 5-7 days after the period starts (women who have reached menopause should set a date). Look at the breast and nipple in the mirror. From the bottom of the bra line to the top of the collar bone, the lower end of the throat, and the sides too, try to squeeze a little by pressing your three fingers. The fingers should be moving at regular speeds and directions (you can check this by lying in your room or in the shower in the bathroom).

Note:- Cancer is not necessary if one or more of these symptoms occur. Anyway, 90% of the lumps in young women are cancer-free. But since 10% of the bales can be cancerous, so do a doctor’s examination.

Workout Yoga:

Women running for three and a quarter hours or walking for 13 hours every week reduce the risk of breast cancer by 23 percent. By doing yoga, the chance of breast cancer can be reduced by up to 49%.  Maternity Women who breastfeed their baby are five percent less likely to have breast cancer than women who have not breastfed their child. Having children (that too by about 30 years of age) and breastfeeding is an effective way to avoid breast cancer.


Not only gatka, tobacco, and smoking, alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer. Every drink means an increased risk of cancer.


Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to breast cancer. 1000 mg every day to the body. Calcium and 350 units of vitamin D should be available. The body gets vitamin D by staying in the sun for 5-10 minutes daily. During this time, at least one should be dressed.


Red meat and processed food less, eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the way to prevent cancer. If you take only 20% of total calories from fat, then there can be a reduction of 24% in the possibility of breast cancer.


The fat that forms on the body makes estrogen hormone, which is the cause of breast cancer. Avoid excess weight gain. Regularly taking a healthy diet can also reduce the chance of breast cancer. Some foods can help fight deadly cancer cells, which can prevent cancer early. Here are the 10 most beneficial foods to fight cancer 


Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that prevents various types of cancer cells such as breast, gastrointestinal, lung, and skin cancers. Researches have shown that turmeric has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and protective properties that greatly help fight breast cancer and prevent it from spreading. You can get the protective benefits of curcumin by adding a little turmeric powder to your meal daily or by consuming a pinch of turmeric with water on an empty stomach every morning. Or put half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water and heat it for 10 minutes and then consume it.

Note:- Do not consume turmeric if you take blood thinners or you have gallbladder problems. Consult your doctor for more information.

Salmon Fish:

Salmon fish contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces the growth of cancerous tumors and increases the body’s immunity. Also, vitamin B12 and D are found in plenty in salmon fish. All these elements are necessary to control cell growth and to prevent cancer cells. You can consume salmon fish by boiling it, cooking it, or roasting it. To get good results, consume at least 200 grams of salmon fish a week. Apart from salmon, other breast cancer-preventing fish are mackerel (sardines), sardines, trout, sea bass, and tuna.


According to a report published in the Endocrine Society of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, regular intake of tomatoes significantly reduces the likelihood of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which can prevent the formation of breast cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. You can also eat tomatoes by cooking them, as a salad or by making juices. However, drinking a glass of tomato juice daily is more beneficial


Several types of research have shown that the sulfur compounds, flavones, and flavanols present in garlic prevent breast cancer. To get the most out, first, peel and chop the garlic well and then keep it in place for 15 minutes. After this, cook and consume them. You can also chew a piece of garlic on an empty stomach every morning.

Note:- If you take blood thinners or any other medicine, consult your doctor before consuming garlic.


Flaxseeds contain excessive amounts of lignin that prevent estrogen-dependent cancers such as breasts. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are some of the few sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids called ALA, which form a protective shield against cancer cells. You can mix linseed powder or oil in your food and consume it.


Spinach contains an antioxidant called lutein which protects against breast, mouth, and stomach cancer. It also contains zeaxanthin and carotenoids in plenty which helps in flushing out the free radicals present in the body. Every woman must consume spinach at least two to three times a week. Apart from spinach, you can also eat other green leafy vegetables like cabbage, green collard, and romaine lettuce.


Cancer-fighting compounds called indole-3-carbinol are found in broccoli to help prevent tumor growth by altering estrogen metabolism.

Breast cancer can be avoided by consuming one and a half cups of broccoli daily. Raw broccoli is more beneficial than ripe. You can also take other broccoli family vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower.

Blueberry – (Berries are a better option):

Berries are a better optionBlueberries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help prevent breast cancer. Blueberries also contain phytochemicals that prevent any type of cancer from forming. Also, blueberries also contain antioxidants called ellagic acid which have anti-cancer properties. To get the most out of blueberries, consume them fresh. In addition to blueberries, other berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries are also beneficial.


American research has shown that pomegranate contains natural compounds such as urolithin B that inhibit estrogen, which helps prevent breast cancer caused by hormones. Also, polyphenols such as ellagic acid are found in pomegranate that has antioxidant properties. These prevent estrogen from promoting breast cancer. You can eat pomegranate by eating or making juice. Eat one pomegranate every two days.


Walnuts contain a lot of nutrients that help the body fight inflammation and prevent the growth of breast cancer. Researchers at Marshall University have discovered through research that consuming at least 50 grams of walnuts daily changes the activity of genes promoting breast cancer, which reduces the likelihood of breast cancer. To avoid breast cancer, take the above-mentioned foods regularly and also get regular medical check-ups.

Rapid View:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Do not consume tobacco and tobacco products
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not let the weight gain
  • Breastfeed baby
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet

According to the Guidelines of the Union for International Cancer Council (UICC):

  1. Eat a variety of fiber-rich, fibrous food – fruits, vegetables, grains.
  2. Avoid fat things. Avoid eating red meat and fried foods.
  3. If you want to consume alcohol, do it in a limited quantity.
  4. Food should be cooked and preserved in such a way that it does not produce carcinogenic elements, fungi, bacteria.
  5. Avoid adding extra salt while cooking and eating.
  6. Bodyweight should not be too much or less than normal. For this, there should be a balance between eating and spending calories. Eat more calorie things in moderation. Do regular exercises.
  7. Vitamin and mineral pills can never be a balanced eating option.

Along with all this, if we want to avoid cancer, then we need to remove the carcinogenic toxic things from the environment, early detection of cancer, complete consumption of tobacco in any form, pen killers and other medicines themselves, giving up the habit of eating unnecessarily. Like campaigns are also desperately needed.

Some all wives :

Cancer is not a contagious disease that can be caused by touching, going near, or using its contents.

No injury or injury to the blood or body of a cancer patient causes cancer. Cancer is an autoimmune disease like diabetes and high BP. It is not caused by an infection, which can be treated with antibiotics.

  • Breast cancer does not occur due to injury or shock.
  • Women of any age from the age of 20 can develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer also occurs in men. One in 100 breast cancer patients may be male.

Improvement in food and lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting cancer. But once cancer has developed it cannot be cured without medication or surgery. The only authentic cure is allopathy.

  • Breast cancer is not a family disease in most (90 out of 100) cases. Many causes together make cancer.
  • 90% of breast lumps are cancer-free. Nevertheless, every knot should be examined immediately.
  • In most cases, the onset of cancer does not cause pain at all.
  • Cancer treatment is possible and even after this, you can live a normal life.


The reason for the rise of this disease is that both men and women see it as a very private part. If there is a pain in the hands, feet, head, women are not hesitant to discuss but do not want to talk about the problem related to the breast. Then if a patient wants to go to the expert in the beginning then it is not easy. He does not know which doctor understands the diseases of breast more. The reason is that there is a lack of such experts. Women usually feel comfortable going to a gynecologist but large hospitals have an oncology department. It is better to go there.

50% of breast cancer patients do not get a chance to get treatment. The only formula for successful cancer treatment is early detection. The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the simpler, cheaper, shorter, and successful the treatment will be. If people are aware of its identity, do their investigations on a regular basis, then it can be possible to get the disease before the machine tests. And for confirmation, mammography, ultrasonic, and other mechanical tests can be taken on the advice of Dr.

However, the average sensitivity of a mammography machine is 80%. That is, the machine could not catch cancer in 20 out of 100 cases or give false reports. Some doctors also believe that mammography does not have much benefit, because as large a lump can be seen with that machine, at that stage, women can also detect lumps and changes, etc. by examining themselves. Apart from this, the radiation that comes out of that machine, can many times start from cancer.

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