28 Successful Executives Share the Best Advice They Received From Their Dads

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  1. Avoid smoking.
  2. Be very far-sighted in choosing a wife, because 90% of your happiness or sorrow depends on her. 
  3. Don’t buy very cheap things.
  4. Let the children live according to their mood and preferences, do not try to make them exactly like you.
  5. Don’t waste your time following critics
  6. Never trust a politician.
  7. When you borrow a car from someone, return it with full oil.
  8. Mobile should not disturb the beautiful moments of your life because mobile is for your own comfort and not for the comfort of others.
  9. Do not pay wages before completing the work.
  10. Do not mention your wealth in front of those who are richer or poorer than you.
  11. Be careful in lending to friends as it is possible to lose both debt and friendship.
  12. Do not ask the addressee about his salary.
  13. Write everything down. Don’t always rely on your mind.
  14. Punish the child according to his crime.
  15. Give a loan to someone who repays it without asking.
  16. Everyone likes praise, so don’t be stingy in praising anyone.
  17. Do not let go of your manners and manners when disagreeing or arguing with anyone.
  18. Spread your knowledge and benefit people because it is the only way to live forever.
  19. Express your personal or financial details as needed.
  20. If someone praises your friend, you must mention it to your friend.
  21. If someone abuses you, you should be kind to his child and teach him a lesson.
  22. Marry someone who is equal to or less than you in wealth.
  23. When you need to borrow something twice, buy it from the market.
  24. Take a walk for half an hour daily.
  25. Your clock should be five minutes ahead of time.
  26. Stay away from fabrications and textures.
  27. Do not argue on trivial matters.
  28. Try to leave a good impression wherever you are. advices radio

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