Keep Calm And Think About Joe Biden’s Cabinet A Threat

Biden’s cabinet a threat:-The Salala check post is located on the Pak-Afghan border in Mohmand Agency. At 2:00 am on November 26, 2011, two NATO Apache helicopters from Afghanistan arrived at the Salala check post and attacked the Pakistani military barracks.

Helicopters were being given US Army A-130 gunships and two F-15 Eagle fighter jets. Pakistani soldiers returned fire but the attack was sudden and severe, leaving 26 Pakistani soldiers dead. Major and Captain level among the martyrs Two officers were also present.

The incident was horrific and unbearable

Pakistan protested and cut off the supply of NATO forces. General Lloyd Auston was the commander of the set-up at the time. He was the first black commander in the history of the set-up. The incident took place under his command. It rose to the position of Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army in December 2011.

He was not ready to admit his mistake. He said the firing was started by Pakistani troops. His position was wrong but the power does not consider its mistake as a mistake as his position was heard and accepted everywhere. Imran Khan was in opposition at that time.

His latest rally in Lahore was a success. He went to Peshawar with his Tigers and staged a sit-in on the road to block NATO supplies. General Lloyd Austin did not like this move and called on Imran Khan in the United States. However, Pak-US relations suffered a historic setback due to the Salala check post-incident.

Hillary Clinton was then the Secretary of State. She apologized to Pakistan on July 3, 2012, but was actually responsible. To this day, General Lloyd Austin has apologized and expressed no embarrassment. Lloyd Austin is now the new Secretary of Defense for US President Joe Biden.

Salalah Check Post was not the first incident of deterioration in Pak-US relations. There had been two horrific incidents before that. You will remember the incident of Raymond Davis. This incident took place on January 27, 2011. US spy and hitman Two youths were shot dead and arrested in Lahore and the incident became international.

Avril Haines was President

“Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser at the time”. He was also the first deputy director of CIA history. The whole issue grew up with Avril and was a direct part of it. Joe Biden is the director of national intelligence in the cabinet and holds the most important position in the United States.

And who is Joe Biden?

“He was vice president of the United States during both Obama administrations.” The second incident was the Abbottabad operation. Targeted during the Abbottabad operation on May 2, 2011. President Obama, along with his colleagues, watched Operation Live in the White House’s Operation Room.

All arrangements for the operation were made by Anthony Blanks. In addition to being President “Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser and Deputy Secretary of State, Blanks is now Biden’s Secretary of State.”

Blanks also tried to get Shakeel Afridi during the Obama era and also made a memo scandal against Asif Ali Zardari and Hussain Haqqani in front of him and he was also in touch with Hussain Haqqani. Hussain Haqqani is currently on the run from Pakistan. “They prepare research papers against Pakistan,” he said and kept backing Joe Biden.

If this role had been limited to this, he might have survived, but unfortunately, Biden’s vice president will be Kamala Harris and his mother Shyamla Gopalan was the daughter of Indian ambassador Carpi V. Gopalan and Kamala Harris is leaning towards India. The world knows.

 Look at another fact

For the first time in history, 12 Indian-origin figures are joining US President Joe Biden’s official team. Neera Tanden is the White House’s director of management and budget.

Biden’s cabinet a threat:-Dr. Vuk Murthy, Surgeon General, Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General, Isha Shah, Digital Officer, White House, Gautam Raghavan, Deputy Director, President’s Office, Bharat Rama Murthy, Deputy Director, National Economic Council; Sonoma Goha, Senior Director, South Asia, Sabrina Singh, Deputy Press Secretary, Vedanta Patel, Assistant Press Secretary, and Shanti Kalathal, Human Rights and Democracy Coordinator.

These twelve most important officials were born in India and they are practically Indians and India has become a temporary member of the UN Security Council for two years along with all of them so that the whole map of the future is before us.

Take a closer look at the situation

President Obama’s anti-Pakistan administration is returning to power with Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin is taking over, Secretary of State Anthony Blanks will be in charge, and the whole country, including the CIA, will be in charge.

Intelligence will be with Aurel Heinz, US Vice President will be Kamala Harris, 12 Indian citizens will be sitting in high positions in the White House and India is also a member of the Security Council and we are on the FATF gray list. We are also ‘Our next hearing will be in February 2021.

The state of our economy is also in front of the whole world and our dealings with the IMF and the World Bank are not hidden and from above, Joe Biden will be the US President and this is the man who has not extended General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani for the second time. Biden’s cabinet a threat. The whole world knows what our future will be like, only we do not know. So you can easily predict the future of Pakistan-US defense relations today.

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