Korean Englishman:- Funny Stories in English That Are Both Intelligent

A Korean Englishman was very fond of learning Punjabi, someone told him that Baba Bakhshi, the old man of Chak No. 136, teaches the best of Punjabi, go to him. One day, the Englishman got on the bus and took the way to Chuck 136. The bus dropped him off. Chuck was an hour’s walk from the place. He saw a farmer reaping crops and making bundles. The Englishman asked: oh man what are you doing? The farmer replied: Blonde Sir! I harvested “wit”.

The British understood that harvesting in Punjabi is called “wit”, the Korean Englishman went ahead, Next, a man was making a bed, The Englishman asked: oh man what are you doing? The man replied: Blonde Sir …! I’ve been “wat”, the English calculated that twisting is called “wat” in Punjabi.

When the Englishman left the man and went ahead, he saw a shopkeeper sitting sadly. The Englishman asked: oh man why are you sad? The shopkeeper said: Blonde Sir …! The English word “earning money” in English is called “wit”.

Well, the Korean Englishman went a little further and saw a man, who was looking at the sky in a world of trouble. The Englishman asked: oh man what happened? The man said: Gora Sir, today the weather is big, “wat”, the English began to think that the wet weather in Punjabi is also called “wat,”

The Englishman left him and went ahead. Chaudhry’s son was walking in front wearing a cliff. The English stepped forward to hug her. The boy said: Blonde Sir …! Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. The English began to touch the head that the skeptics are also called “wit”. 😬😬

Going a little farther, the English saw a man running towards the fields, caught in a world of trouble. The Englishman said: oh man just listen, The man said: I will come back and listen to Gora Saab. The English started sweating, that is, in Punjabi, if there is a stomach upset, it is called “wit”.

Going a little further, the Englishman saw an old man coming from the front holding a Haqqani. As he approached, the Englishman asked: oh man, how far is this 136 chuck? He said, “Wow, go away, don’t go too far.” He saved the English from fainting. In Punjabi, the path is also called “Wit”

When I went further, I saw that two men were fighting fiercely, The blonde stepped forward to save the fight, then one of them said, blonde Saab, don’t come in the middle, I will give you all the “watts” today. The Englishman was upset that to cleanse one’s body is to “take out one’s wit.” When the Englishman tried to persuade the other man to stop fighting, he said, “Oh, King of Gods, you and I are such a big” wit “. The English were shocked that anger is also called “wit” in Punjabi.

A man was standing nearby watching the fight, he said, blonde Saab–! You fight like this, you mess with Edha and you will hit the “Kid”. The Englishman was startled and began to look at the man’s face. The Englishman went ahead, went a little farther, and saw that a man was sitting alone. The Korean Englishman asked, “What is this man thinking?” Got the answer: blonde Saab …..! It’s a big mess, it’s sitting on the torso. 😖😖😖 The Englishman held his head and sat there. After a while, he regained his composure, so he returned. What a comprehensive language, I can never learn it in my short life.

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