The Health Secrets of Hunza People Who Live Over 100

Real-life health and fitness

About Health and life, This is the incident of 1970 when the President of China was diagnosed with cancer. The President told the doctor that he would get treatment. Later First, inform him why he has the highest number of cancers. Disenchanted with the health practitioner’s response, the China president informed the countrywide Institutes of fitness, Oxford college in China, and Cornell college within America to research the reasons for the ailment and are searching for herbal remedies.

He published the study in book form from the United States in 2005, 25 years later, and the book was a national bestseller, entitled “The China Study.” China Study scientists were the first to identify areas in the world where people live for more than a hundred years and never get sick.


Azad Kashmir's Hunza ValleyAzad Kashmir’s Hunza Valley is also one of the areas where people live for more than a hundred years without getting sick. Find out the areas of the village where everyone suffers from some major disease.¬†One of them is in the United States, where Pima Indians live, where everyone has cancer, heart sugar, BP, kidney, and joint pain. The people of China Study reached there and put the people on the food that the people of Hunza eat and stopped their old food. By eating this food for 6 months, all their diseases were eliminated and they are in perfect health. He became depressed and lost his life due to his medicine.

Health and life

What do the people of Hunza eat that does not make them sick?Health and life They eat only God’s natural food, fruits, raw vegetables, and fruits, and they do not eat food that passes through factories, that is, processed food. The secret to a healthy life to know and thousands of cancers of the world, sugar, heart, BP, stroke, kidney, joints, hepatitis, gastrointestinal tract, constipation, eyes, and skin. It took 25 years for three Chinese, British, and American universities to prove the benefits of this diet. The book “The China Study” can be downloaded from Google.

Former US President Bill Clinton underwent four heart bypass surgeries in 2004, lung surgery in 2005, two heart stents in 2010, and Bill Clinton became an incurable patient near death. As the President was put on China Study Diet, the President was completely cured in just 5 months. Evidence of this can be seen in the interview given to Bill Clinton’s CNN channel.

Seeing the miraculous effects of this food, the President, under the Bill Clinton Foundation, created a project that as long as I live, I will go to every school in the United States and tell children the secret to a healthy life: eat raw fruits and vegetables and factories Do not eat processed foods at all, which is dear to your health. Nutritional treatment: All diseases are caused by an unnatural diet.

Breast milk

Breast milkA few days ago, during a meeting with Dr. Akbar Ali and, Dr. Sahib said, Chest milk offer a baby so countless antibodies that it calls for as much as sixty-five, thousand vaccine needle. They are found once after drinking mother’s milk Canned breastfeeding causes a lot of harm to the baby, it is also a kind of injustice. I asked Dr. Sahib that in some cases breast milk is not available at all, then canned milk has to be given. So the physician stated, “It isn’t possible for a mother not to have milk due to the fact if that had been the case, the infant could never be born. Having a child way that there is breast milk, but we need to pay attention to the meals. When my curiosity increased, I reached home and started further research on it, the results of which are as follows.

  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a baby must be breastfed for two years or more.
  2. Breastfed babies are more intelligent and less likely to develop diabetes.
  3. Breast milk protects the baby from allergy problems, infections, and various diseases.
  4. Problems of heating or cooling canned milk while the temperature of breast milk is naturally normal.
  5. For six months after birth, all the compounds or antibodies that the baby needs are present in breast milk.
  6. In the first few days, breast milk is thick and full of a protein called colostrum, and it is the ideal milk that cannot be prepared from the compounds of the world. It fights against various bacteria and viruses. Full of resistant antibodies.
  7. Breastfeeding reduces postpartum depression PPD which often occurs in women at the time of delivery.
  8. Breastfeeding protects a mother from heart disease, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Canned milk.

Canned milk

Canned milk has a high content of casein which makes it difficult for the baby to digest and reduces appetite. High levels of sugar and cholesterol. The baby is less healthy but more overweight. Allergy problems arise in children. Environmental poisoning There is less able to resist. In which PCBs and dioxin are more dangerous. 40 to 50% have a higher risk of asthma. The biggest problem at present is the abundance of commissions and doctors mostly recommend canned milk in their commission cycle… Newborn babies have only three requirements.

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